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A Step-by-Step Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization SEO Using Wix

A complete and easy guide to SEO. In this course, I give you a Step-by-Step Beginners Guide to SEO. No tech talk or jargon! This is a quick and easy-to-understand guide!

In this course, you will learn:

What is SEO
Common Misconceptions Regarding SEO
What is an SEO manager and do you need one?
On-site vs Off-site SEO and Why They Are Both Critical
What is Domain Authority and Why It's Important

What are keywords?
Short Tail vs Long Tail Keywords
How to Check Your Current Site's Ranking and Domain Authority
How to Check Your Competitions Keywords and Domain Authority
How To Do Effective Keyword Research
How to Determine How Easy or Difficult It Will Be to Rank For Certain Keywords
Choosing the Correct Keywords

What is On-site SEO
On-site Factors that Determine Search Rankings
How to Optimize Each Website Page for SEO
How to Continue On-Site SEO Improvements Moving Forward

What is Off-site SEO
Off-site Factors that Determine Search Rankings
The One Off-Site Factor that Can Skyrocket Your Google Rankings

The Power of Blogging for SEO
Advanced Schema Markups

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