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  • What is included in the cost of my website?
    Your website includes 7 pages including: HOME SERVICE ABOUT REVIEWS GALLERY CONTACT BLOG The website also features an online booking feature and an online shop. These pages and features can be easily hidden and un-hidden as needed. Instructions on how to hide and unhide pages is included in the custom video tutorial included with your purchase. ALSO INCLUDED IN YOUR PURCHASE: Two rounds of revisions with 6 changes each round. Additional revisions are available at an additional cost. Complete Mobile Optimization Stock Image Curation Custom Training Video
  • What revisions are included in the cost of the website?
    When your website is complete, you will be given a link where you can add notes directly to your website indicating changes you would like to be made. You will have the opportunity to request 2 rounds of revisions with up to six changes that include: Swapping Out One Section for a New Section Rearranging Sections Changes to Font or Typography (within your chosen site's theme). If you require more than two revisions with six changes each or changes that are not listed above, you can request an additional round of revisions at a charge of $150 per request.
  • What if I need more revisions?
    If, after your first revisions with six changes, you require additional changes or revisions, you may request additional rounds of revisions at $150 per request. Each additional round of revisions will include up to six changes.
  • What if I don’t like my finished website?
    If you are unhappy with your finished website and you do not feel as though you will be satisfied after your included six revisions, you can either decide to discontinue working with us or start the process over and try again. If you do decide to discontinue working with us, your initial $200 deposit is non-refundable. If you decide to start over and try again, you will be required to pay an additional $200 deposit in order for us to begin designing a new website preview for you.
  • What if I want to see different themes?
    We offer six themes for you to choose from. Your free Home page preview will include one theme. If you would like to see additional Home page previews with different themes, you can choose to pay a fee of $25 per theme for us to create alternate versions. You can request this option after your initial Home page preview is complete. If you would like to change the theme of your entire finished website after completion, you can do so for a fee of $250.
  • Are there any additional pages available?
    We offer three additional pages for you to choose from that can be added to your website. These pages can be added when the site is originally created or at any point in the future. Details on adding these additional pages are explained in more detail during your intake process. . If you would like for us to create additional pages that are not listed below, you will have the opportunity to submit a request for a quote when your website site is complete. If you would like to discuss this option with us or request a quote before your website is complete, please contact us. FEATURED GALLERY PAGE - $250 (Unlimited Pages) Featured Gallery pages can be added using dynamic page elements that will allow you to quickly and easily add unlimited pages highlighting specific jobs or bodies of work with no website editing required. FEATURED TEAM PAGES - $250 (Unlimited Pages) Featured Team Pages can be added using dynamic page elements that will allow you to quickly and easily add unlimited pages highlighting each team member in your crew. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE - $50 A simple Frequently Asked Question Page can be added to your website which includes a header plus a list of your frequently asked questions. If you submit a request before your website is started, the cost of the pages will be added to your final total due or can be added into your payments if payments are being made. The pages (and cost incurred) can not be deleted once added.
  • What if I need a custom page?
    At this time, additional custom pages are not available with our mix and match service. If you need specific pages added to your website, you can add them yourself or you may want to inquire about our custom website services.
  • Is Mobile Optimization Included?
    Yes, mobile optimization is included in the cost of your website.
  • Will you write my website copy?
    Website copy is not included in the cost of your website. We will however, include instructions on how to update the copy on your website within your personalized training video which is included with your purchase. If you would like for us to create and/or add website copy for you, this can be done for an additional fee of $250.
  • Will you add or curate my images?
    We will add/curate with your own images on your free Home Page preview only. The rest of the website will be populuted with stock photos that are in line with and flow with the look and feel of your site. Upon purchase of your website, you will recieve a personalized video instructing you how to add your own images. Or, if you prefer, we offer image curation for an additional fee of $250.
  • Can I request custom colors & fonts?
    Yes, you can request custom color and fonts themes outside those offered in our available themes. We will do the best to accomodate custom requests however, we can not only guarantee the use of requested colors or themes.
  • Is SEO included?
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not included in the cost of your website. If you are interested in optimizing your site for SEO yourself, we do offer a free online SEO course that will walk you through this process step-by-step. If you are interested in having us do your SEO for you, we offer this complete service at a cost of $500. Service includes: Domain Authority Research on your site and your competitors. Keyword Research within your industry and region. Complete on-site SEO including H1 and H2 headlines, SEO optimization of your website copy, Title, Description, URL Slugs, and Image Alt Text
  • What support is included?
    Once your site is done and approved, you will receive thirty days of support for any questions or guidance you may have. If you need assistance after the thirty days, we are happy to help and we do offer support and editing at an additional cost. It is recommended that you first reach out to Wix support to see if they can help you before reaching out to us. As a part of your purchase, you will also be given a custom editing tutorial for your website as well as gain exclusive access to our online Website Editing Course that will answer most questions you have regarding navigating and editing your new website.
  • What platform will my website be built on?
    All of our websites are built using the Wix website platform. After researching all of the available platforms available, we have determined that Wix offers the greatest array of features and options and is the most user-friendly platform available.
  • How do the payment arrangements work?
    If you choose to make payment arrangements on your new website, you will enter into an auto-debit arrangement that will automatically charge your agreed upon monthly fee every thirty days. During the duration of your payment arrangements, you will be granted co-ownership of your site. As a co-owner, you will have access to all the features and benefits of your new website including the ability to launch your website with your own custom domain name. Once payments are made in full, you will be granted full ownership of the site. If at any time, your payments stop for any reason, you will be given a 30-day grace period after which time your site will be unpublished and will no longer be live or visible. Once payments resume, your site will once again be published and made live.
  • Will you help me launch my site?
    It is your responsibility to launch your new website however, instructions on how to do this, including transfering or purchasing a custom domain name will be included in the training video included with your purchase.
  • Can I use my own custom domain name?
    Yes. You can use your own custom domain name with your new site. Instructions will be included on how to start the process of transferring or purchasing a unique custom domain name.
  • What if I have more questions?
    If you have more questions, please feel free to email me at or visit this link to set up a free consultation:
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